Sunday, April 19, 2015

Going to work with the idea of T3 Frigates first because they would be cheaper, faster to train and get less whining than Cruisers, BCs or BSes.

First of all you would pick a slot configuration (all have 3 rigs):
- 2 low, 6 med, 3 high
- 3 low, 5 med, 4 high
- 4 low, 4 med, 5 high
- 5 low, 3 med, 4 high
- 6 low, 2 med, 3 high

Then you chose a hull bonus by popping in a sub-system:
- 15% bonus to Shield / Armour Transporter boost amount, capacitor use 700% bonus to range (vs 10% and 500% for T1)
- 15% dmg, 10% tracking, 15% optimal, -65% MWD sig penalty (vs 5% dmg, 7.5 tracking, 10% optimal, 5% dmg, -50% MWD sig penalty for T2)

.... you get the general idea.

Now, here is one of the keys to this - the base stats remain almost the same as T2 frigates (hull, armour, shields, resists, speeds, etc)

Arrow This means that it comes down to how you link your slot configuration + subsystem bonus + modules fit.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Player generated assets.

I think that CCP could create some tools for uploading and moderating submissions from the community. These would all be for parts of the game that are not important to PVP or performance, i.e.

  • Station interiors.
  • Clothing.
  • Space ship interiors.
The engine exists (Captain's Quarters) all it probably requires is people to build corridors, chairs, etc to flesh it all out. Yes, they will need to code ways for people to meet each other publicly or invite each other into more private locations.
However, if the meshes and textures are generated for them the mountain becomes a hill and is far more surmountable.

There would need to be a guide on this, such as making three versions of meshes and textures, lower quality and with less nodes for low settings as an example. 

.... or maybe and here is a whacky idea ... CCP should just contact Linden Labs and get their own grid for EVE players. >.>